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Aarav Confesses His Feelings For Simar


In tonight’s episode of your favorite show Sasural Simar Ka 2 you will watch, Aarav and Simar both are sitting together, where he asks her if he can ask something. She nods yes… he asks her about what is love in her perspective. She looks at him and replies if he is talking about Gagan, then she says that Aditi loves him too much and they should give their love a name by consent of their elders. Aarav asks her through an example that how did Krishna get to know that Radha loves him. He then asks that how did Aditi decides that she should spend her life with Gagan.

Simar says that those Parathas are getting cold and she taught the Maharaj Ji to make Pratha as she makes, so that after her going… Aarav asks if leaving is so necessary for her, Simar replies that Maa was saying this. Aarav looks at her and asks if the divorce is mandatory… He then says that it is a very beautiful life countdown that he does not want to end. He suggests that they still have a chance to think as they can throw the papers out and can change our decision so that everyone will be happy. Simar looks at him and says that they both know very well why they are doing this. He replies “on that time circumstances were different and now the situation is something else”.

Aarav looks upon and says “I don’t know why but whenever I think that now you will leave me, I get tensed thinking that now who will give him the morning coffee, who will greet him a good morning and whom he will see to be happy and all. He says that he does not know why but I get scared thinking that I will be alone and you will be missed badly”. This makes both emotional, Simar looks at him, he says he tried so many times to gather the courage to say bye to her but every time he fails.

He looks another side saying the way they enjoyed the rain and drenched into that was a golden moment and after that, he slept holding her hand was another happiness he can’t even describe. He then adds that he can’t stay away from her cute innocent face and wants to see it his entire life. Aarav says with a wet eye that he will lose everything after her which he really does not want to lose. Aarav starts crying and says he wants to do so many things for her and can’t live thinking that soon she will leave him. Simar wipes his tears with her hand. Simar asks him not to cry, he says that he has become habitual of her and can’t even think about his life without Simar. The episode ends here, well there are many more things to watch so don’t forget to watch the complete episode and stay tuned with us to read more updates.

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