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This contestant has already announced Bigg Boss OTT winner, Karan Johar was shocked to hear


New twists and turns are being seen every day on Bigg Boss OTT. While new equations are being formed between many contestants, there are fierce fights between the connections of many. In the midst of all this, the host of the show, Karan Johar, brought Sunday Ka Vaar … During this, the family members got reality checks and many people also took classes. At the same time, during this time a contestant has already announced the winner of Bigg Boss OTT. Karan Johar himself was also surprised to hear this.

The ruckus in this task

Actually, during Sunday Ka Vaar, when Karan Johar put balloons on the heads of the contestants and asked them to pin the balloons stating each other’s shortcomings, during this time Divya Aggarwal burst their balloon, stating the mistakes of Prateek Sahajpal. Divya said that Prateek feels that whatever he is doing, he feels that the audience is not watching but everyone is knowing everything. After this, when the contestants who disagree with Divya start clapping while wailing, Divya says that ‘When I win this show, you guys will clap’.

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Shocked Karan Johar

At the same time, Karan Johar is surprised to hear this from Divya and asks Divya that ‘You know the name of the winner of this? Divya has already declared herself as the winner of the show. At the same time, during this, Karan will also talk about Divya’s statement, when Divya said that ‘I do not need this show’. Karan will tell Divya that ‘if you don’t need this show then leave the show’.




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