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These 5 explosive twists will come in Anupamaa, the story of Rupali Ganguly’s show will change like this

Twists and turns are coming in Rupali Ganguly’s serial ‘Anupama’. In the coming days, the story of this serial is going to take a different turn. The makers have done tremendous planning to make TV’s superhit show even more interesting. The audience is going to get a full dose of entertainment from the upcoming twist in ‘Anupama’. Let us know the condition of 5 new twists coming in the serial ‘Anupama’ …

Anupama will leave the house
In the upcoming episode, Anupama will finally leave her in-laws house. On this occasion, Babu ji will also come home and he will respect Anupama’s decision. Together with Pakhi, Mamaji and Nandini, he will send Anupama out of the house with moist eyes. Samar is also about to leave the house with Anupama.

Baa and Vanraj will be shocked
Baa and Vanraj may narrate a lot to Anupama every day, but as soon as she leaves, both of them are going to feel the worst. Baa and Vanraj will talk among themselves that there used to be fights in the house earlier also but it never happened that Anupama should leave the house. Kavya will be stunned after hearing both of them and will forbid them to talk about Anupama.

Now Anupama will be here
Now the same question is coming again and again in the minds of the viewers following this serial that where will Anupama be now? Anupama will be the first to reach her mother’s house as soon as she leaves Shah House. Anupama’s courage will increase even more by staying with her mother and brother Bhavesh. Now the story of this serial will revolve around Anupama’s maternal side.

Bad days will come soon
As soon as Anupama leaves, Kavya will start ruling the Shah House members. At the same time, she would like to imprison everyone in her fist. Nothing will happen in Shah House in the coming days without Kavya’s consent. In the absence of Anupama, all the household work is going to be handled by Baa. In a way, Kavya will leave Baa as the maid of the house and will rule the house by becoming the mistress herself.

Anuj will give flat to Anupama
In many reports, such claims are being made that Anuj will gift a flat to his business partner Anupama. As soon as this thing reaches the ears of Baa and Vanraj, their senses will fly away.

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