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Taapsee Pannu spoke on Aryan Khan’s arrest in drugs case, said- ‘After so much stardom you would know that…’

After Aryan Khan’s arrest in drugs case, many Bollywood celebrities came forward and came out in support of Shahrukh Khan. Hrithik Roshan, Sussanne Khan and others advised Aryan Khan to stay strong. When Bollywood’s outspoken actress Taapsee Pannu was asked about that, she said that when you come from such a big family, you also have a burden on your shoulders.

negative side of fame

Taapsee believes that if you enjoy celebrity status then it also has a negative side. In an interview with E-Times, Taapsee said that it is a part of being a public figure. And it is like a burden with the family of every public figure. you like it or not. Enjoying a star status has its downside. If you belong to a big star family then enjoy its benefits, don’t you? So there is also a negative side to it, in the end you have to face it.

If you are from star family then it will happen

Taapsee says that ‘You are officially ready to face such things, you know that you really don’t need to worry. I think after so much stardom you know very well that all this will happen. It’s not like I don’t know where it came from. I’m sure they know what kind of things are going to happen. With this kind of star status, one knows very well what can happen.

it’s people’s job to say

He further said that ‘the law of the country, they are ready to go through this process. You know whatever people keep saying. Today they are saying something, tomorrow they will say something else and the day after tomorrow they will say something else. this is not important. Actually the legal process matters, nothing else matters.

Let us tell you that on Friday, the court rejected Aryan Khan’s bail application. After which Aryan was taken to Arthur Road Jail.



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