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Swara Bhaskar did such a tweet on Hindutva and Taliban, people are demanding arrest


Swara Bhaskar expresses her opinion freely on social media. Now he has made a tweet on the Taliban, on which there is a demand to arrest him on social media. Many memes are also going viral on Swara’s tweet. In the tweet, Swara compared Taliban terror to Hindutva terror. People are also advising Swara to leave India.

People furious over Swara’s tweet

Swara wrote in a tweet on Afghanistan Crisis, it can’t happen that Hindutva terror doesn’t make any difference to us and Taliban will be completely shocked and upset by terror and we can’t get angry with Hindutva terror without worrying about Taliban terror. . Our human and moral values ​​should not be based on the identity of the oppressor or the victim of oppression.

People got angry by tweeting

There is tremendous anger on social media on this tweet of Swara. A follower tweeted, “The existence of human beings like you is proof that there is no Hindutva terror here. Hindutva does not need to be certified by any Swara, Mia Khalifa, Malala and Greta.

Trended #ArrestSwaraBahsker

Another tweet read, “Swara ji, today let me make you aware of the meaning of ‘Hindutva Terror’, this is Hindutva Terror, you can openly abuse Hindus, Sanatan, speak terrorists and live comfortably in the country. But for saying something like this about Islam, the Taliban would have stripped you of your skin by lying on the middle of the road. With many such tweets, there is a demand for the arrest of Swara Bhaskar.




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