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Study Suman broke up after breakup with Kangana Ranaut, then this advice of father Shekhar Suman changed life


At one time Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and actor Adhyayan Suman were in a relationship. Although the relationship between the two was not special, now once again Adhyayan has spoken openly about his relationship with Kangana.

Study was in relation with Kangana
Let us tell you that between 2008-09, Kangana and Adhyayan were in a relationship for a few months. Both were also seen together in the film ‘Raaz: The Mystery Continues’. In fact, while talking to Bollywood Bubble, Adhyayan, without naming Kangana, referred to a 2016 interview in which she was called a flop actor.

things in mind
In the interview, the study said, ‘I think a lot happened to me emotionally during that relationship. Being a young mind, certain things dominated my mind for a long time. It was very difficult for me to come out of the things that happened for many years. Why did I let this happen?’

There was a huge emotional turmoil…
The study further said, ‘My fight was not with any other person, but with myself and at such times you always keep saying to yourself – I would have stopped or not… why didn’t I listen. Of course there was a lot of emotional turmoil going on at that time.

Father’s advice helped
Referring to father Shekhar Suman, the study further said, ‘After a time everyone has to move on. My father helped me a lot to get over the breakup, he always says – no one is good or bad. It is not necessary that if two people are in a relationship, then they are made for each other. And with this thought, then I moved ahead in life.




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