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Singer Pushpa Pagdhare of ‘Itni Shakti Humse Dena Daata’ became fascinated by pie, pleaded for help from the government


Singer Pushpa Pagdhare, who rose to fame by singing the song ‘Itni Shakti Humse Dena Data’ in the film ‘Ankush’, is going through a financial crisis these days. 80-year-old singer Pushpa may get Rs 3,150 from the state government, but in such a small amount she has to struggle to survive her life and get this pension.

pleaded for help from the government

Singer Pushpa is currently living in a rented house in Machimar Colony in Mahim, Mumbai. He has appealed to the government for help citing his financial condition. According to the report, Pushpa had demanded a house for herself in 1989. Their demand has been ignored. During an interview she said, “At one time I used to visit many states to raise funds. Whenever I came back to Mumbai, I met the then minister and asked about my file, but every time I got the same answer. Whether he is on a journey or not present. The government should focus on singers like us.”

Angry over not getting royalty for the song

Not only this, Pushpa is upset over not getting royalty for her song ‘Itni Shakti Humse Dena Data’. The views of his songs are in crores. According to media reports, the singer would not have faced such a situation if she had got her royalty. Singer said about this, “I have some relatives who help me when needed. I have not even received royalty for my songs properly. I am completely dependent on others. Instead of the government, the relatives helped me. Is.”

Pushpa has sung a song with Mohammed Rafi

The giver of giving us so much power remains in the hearts and minds of people even today. People often hum this song for hope and peace. Not only this, this song is also sung in the school prayer. Pushpa gave her voice to this song. Composer Kuldeep Singh composed this song. Pushpa got only 250 rupees as fees for this song. Pushpa has also sung with Mohammad Rafi. Apart from this, he has also sung songs written by Shrikant Thackeray, father of Maharashtra leader Raj Thackeray. At present, he has no contact with any artist from the music industry.

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