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Shweta Tiwari got custody of son Reyansh, said- ‘Wherever Abhinav Kohli went for 2 years…’

TV actress Shweta Tiwari was fighting for the custody of son Reyansh for a long time. He got a big relief from the Bombay High Court. The custody of the son will remain with Shweta. Reyansh has been living with him since birth. The legal battle between Shweta and Abhinav Kohli has been going on for a long time over the custody of the son. Abhinav had also made all the allegations against Shweta. After this decision of the court, now the actress is very happy.

Court dismissed the application

According to the Times of India report, Abhinav had also filed a habeas corpus case against Shweta. He alleged that Shweta keeps the son away from him. Abhinav said that Shweta is very busy due to her work. He doesn’t have time for his son. The court rejected Abhinav’s application and gave the verdict in favor of Shweta.

satisfied with the verdict

The court said in its order that Abhinav can meet son Reyansh once a week in the area of ​​Shweta’s building for two years. There will also be the presence of family members. Shweta is very happy with the court’s decision. Shweta from Times of India said, ‘This is what I wanted and to be honest, I am satisfied with the decision.’ She further says that ‘Abhinav used to follow me wherever I went in the last two years. Be it Delhi or Pune, wherever I went for my show with Reyansh, he would create a ruckus. It was mentally exhausting for me and my baby. He doesn’t stop here, sometimes he would come to my door.’

try to show bad mother

On the question of letting her meet her son, Shweta says that ‘I always gave her the right to meet Reyansh. As per the previous court order she had to talk to Reyansh on video call only for half an hour but I never stopped her from talking much but the same man tried to portray me as a bad mother who is trying to protect her son Doesn’t care I work for my family and give them a good lifestyle, what’s wrong with that? He showed it against me. I am glad the court dismissed these allegations.

what Abhinav said

On the other hand, while talking to E-Times TV, Abhinav said that it is a matter of relief for him that he has been fighting this battle for a long time. He was not allowed to meet his son for the last 11 months. Now he will be able to meet her.

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