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Shagufta Ali, who was in the news after hearing the pain of hardships, will play an important role in this film.


Film and TV actress Shagufta Ali has been in the limelight ever since she cried on the national channel revealing health problems and poor financial condition. In her disclosure, she also said that she wants to work, but she is not getting work in the industry. Although now the latest report is that actress Shagufta Ali is going to make her Bollywood comeback soon, she has got a film in her hands. He himself has disclosed this fact.

Shagufta Ali to play an important role in ‘Sumeru’

While talking to a news channel, Shagufta Ali has revealed that he has a film offer, titled ‘Sumeru’. She has agreed to act in this film, and will start shooting for it soon. He told about this that one of my old colleague and friend Avinash Dhyani offered me a small but important role in his film, to which I immediately agreed to do it.

My prayers are paying off: Actress

In her conversation, the actress also told that her upcoming film was shot in Dehradun. This is a small budget film. However, he is very happy to get the job. She says, even though it is a low budget film, it is a new ray of hope for me. This gives me hope that I will get more work in the future. Finally my prayers are paying off.

Was in the news about the crisis

Shagufta Ali came into the news due to her poor financial condition. Shagufta had told news agency PTI that she has not been working since 2018, due to which I had to face financial problems. When work stopped, my stress increased further, due to which my diabetes also increased significantly. I tried to handle things by selling my own things, selling my car, jewellery, because initially I didn’t want to ask anyone for help. I did not have any mutual funds, FDs, due to which I was not able to run the house.

Shagufta Ali has worked in these TV shows and films

Shagufta is known for her roles in TV shows like Punar Vivah, Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera, Sasural Simar Ka and Saath Nibhana Saathiya. Apart from this, she has also been a part of many big films like ‘Ajooba’, Jackie Shroff’s ‘Gardish’, Akshay Kumar’s ‘International Khiladi’ and Laila Majnu, but for the last four years she has been away from TV and films, whose Due to this, she was facing financial troubles.




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