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Seeing Dipika Kakar, people said – husband made her a maid… the actress gave a befitting reply


Actress Deepika Kakkar is very active on social media, while she is counted among those actresses who know how to give a befitting reply to trolls. Recently, Deepika has come into the limelight due to some similar reasons. Deepika was seen doing a live session on YouTube with her husband Shoaib Ibrahim. During this, he put a fierce class of people sending negative messages. These lewd messages came to Shoaib when he shifted his ailing father to his bedroom and shifted himself to the guestroom with Deepika.

In-laws gave me daughter…

Replying to such people, Deepika wrote – ‘Shame on you guys’ Regarding Shoaib, Deepika said- ‘You have sent such messages to his privacy. You guys should be ashamed of yourself’. The actress says that the comfort of the family is the most important thing for her. Deepika says that ‘My in-laws have given me love like a daughter and I also give them love and respect like myself. I pity you guys. For them we are ready to sleep in the car or on the roads. You guys worry about me so much? Go away, I don’t need such worry’.

made a maid?

On the other hand, Shoaib replied to the trolls and said- ‘If modernization means that you stop loving and taking care of your family, then we are happy to be old-fashioned’. Shoaib further said- ‘You people say that the actor has been made a maid?’… To this Deepika said ‘I think these people are fed up with their own life and that is why they are not getting peace and happiness. Is. I have worked hard for many years and now it is my choice to do fewer projects. Those who have trouble with my cooking or cleaning the house, I want to ask them if they use the same words for their mother’?




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