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Sapna Choudhary announced the name after the son was one year old, said- ‘Who held from Taimur to Sikandar’

Sapna Chaudhary’s popularity is not only in Haryana but across the country. Any of his songs becomes a hit as soon as it is released. No matter how cool the dream is in professional life, but she keeps her personal life very private. His son’s birthday is on 5th October. On this special occasion, he has publicly announced the name of the son. He posted a video and explained what is the significance of the name.

son’s name revealed

In the video posted by Sapna Chaudhary, her son is sitting. A video has been made from his back side due to which his face is not visible. Sapna’s son is sometimes seen sitting on the ground and sometimes standing near the cow and playing. At one place, Sapna is seen with her son in her arms. Along with her husband Veer Sahu is also there.

Sapna told that her son’s name is Porus. He wrote in the caption- ‘Happy birthday to me and my loved ones my lion @porusofficial.’

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importance of name

A voice-over plays in the background of the video – “Whenever a particular soul has come to this earth, it has created a ruckus. I am sure you are not mango, you are in mango house, but you are not mango. The eyes of the world are bad, so it is not publicly. We were a source, you are the red of this soil. You are part of the community that has held everyone from Taimur to Sikandar, that’s why I name you ‘Porus’, wishing the whole world on your birthday.”

Sapna’s fans are wishing her son a very happy birthday.



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