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Sapna Chaudhary made a video of her ‘Mehbooba’ with her husband, asked- why is she so insecure?


Sapna Chaudhary is living a wonderful life by marrying Veer Sahu. Sometimes she also shows glimpses of her personal life on social media. Recently he posted a video. In this video she and her husband are sitting on the bank of the pond. His buffaloes are bathing in the pond. Sapna’s husband has also given cute names to buffaloes. Seeing their actions, Sapna asks her husband why he is so insecure.

Veer Sahu’s connection with animals

Sapna Choudhary is a grounded artist. She keeps giving glimpses of her village-house to her fans through Instagram. In the video, Sapna, sitting near the pond, calls the buffalo to her. Sapna calls buffalo as Tara and says, I also think you are something that only heroes seem like everything. The buffalo goes to her husband. On this Sapna shouts that why did not come to me. Sapna asks her husband about his connection with animals. He says that he has an internal connection with them.

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Buffalo told his lover

When Sapna’s husband turns to another buffalo, Tara comes to them again. Sapna speaks on this, no one else should come near. There is so much insecurity in this. Her husband then calls a buffalo named Maya. Sapna asks why do you love Tara so much, then she tells, this is my Mehbooba. Sapna’s husband Veer says, they are better than two legged animals.




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