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Ranu Mandal was seen singing ‘Bachpan ka Pyaar’, the video is becoming increasingly viral, have you seen?


These days, the song ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ by Sahdev Dirdo and Badshah is in full swing on social media. While this song is trending on YouTube, on the other hand, a lot of reels are being made on it on Instagram as well. Meanwhile, a video of Ranu Mondal has also surfaced, where she is seen singing childhood love.

Ranu’s video viral
Actually a video has been shared on Instagram from an account named Sacred Adda. In this video, a man is seen holding the caller mic and Ranu Mandal, standing together, is seen singing the superhit song Bachpan Ka Pyaar. This clip is quite short, but is becoming increasingly viral.

hit childhood love
Remind that some time ago the video of Sahdev singing the song of childhood love went viral. The video went viral very fast and everyone became a fan of Sahadev. After this, Badshah called Sahdev to Chandigarh to meet him and recorded the song with him. This song is now on number one trend on YouTube.

who is sahadev
If we talk about its original video, then a child wearing a school uniform is seen singing ‘Bachpan ka pyar bhool nahi jana re’ in front of teachers. The name of this child is Sahdev, who lives in Chhindgarh block of Sukma, Chhattisgarh. It is being told that the video which is going viral is two years old.

Who is Ranu Mandal
Significantly, in the year 2019, a video of Ranu Mandal also became increasingly viral. In the video, Ranu was seen singing ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai’. Seeing this video became so viral that Himesh even gave Ranu a chance to sing and Ranu became a star. But Ranu’s stardom did not last long, although now Ranu has said that there is no concrete information about it.




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