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Rahul Dev felt guilty after dating Mugdha Godse after wife’s death? given answer


Bollywood actor Rahul Dev has given many films to the film industry and in most of the films, he has played a role as a villain and supporting actor. Although in many films, he has made the audience crazy by showing action and dangerous stunts. However, Rahul has been in the news for his personal life more than his profession. Now in his recent interview, Rahul has talked about his son Siddharth Dev’s reaction from the first date with actress Mugdha Godse.

After the death of his wife, Rahul started dating Mugdha.

Let us tell you that Rahul’s wife Reena Dev died in 2009 due to cancer. Rahul has a son Siddharth Dev from his first marriage. After the death of his wife, Rahul started dating actress Mugdha Godse, who was 14 years younger than him. At that time both of them were criticized a lot. However, both of them decided to move forward, bypassing those criticisms. In the year 2015, both of them accepted their relationship.

Rahul always used to think about Mugdha

When RJ Siddhartha Kannan asked Rahul this question, does he have any hesitation in being in a relationship with Mugda? To this, Rahul says, “I think anyone who has had a great first relationship will always feel that is it right? I was always wondering what I am going to do or do. are appropriate.

Is this appropriate?

He further says that there were many things involved in it, like age gap, passing away of wife and other side family. When you go through all these things and think of moving forward, you will always have things in your mind. You will feel that if I move on with my life, he will be hurt.” It was evident from Rahul’s reply that he was confused in the initial stages of their love, but Mugdha’s love won his heart and later they accepted their relationship. Today their relationship has completed 7 years.Rahul-Mugdha has always been seen expressing his feeling through social media.

Rahul was unaware of son’s reaction

In this sequence, Rahul admitted that he had to take a lot of courage to tell his son about his relationship. Because he did not know what would be the reaction of his son after knowing about his new relationship. But now he knows it doesn’t matter. “If you weave that whole fabric of life together, if there’s someone who’s important to you, I don’t understand why I want to hide them,” he says. The only point where I initially wanted to struggle was I didn’t know how my son would react, but when he does it doesn’t matter. ”




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