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Producer wanted to cook chapati on Mallika Sherawat’s waist, told the story of ‘Hot Song’

Mallika Sherawat has been known for her bold image in Bollywood films. He has told an anecdote when producers came to him with strange ideas. It was about a ‘hot song’. Mallika told that she had refused to work on it immediately. Mallika revealed this incident during a show. He told that he found it very funny.

Producer said – I can bake rotis

Mallika Sherawat told during The Love Laugh Live Show that she had received a strange offer for a song. He refused to do it but he found it very funny. Mallika says, once a producer came to her with the idea of ​​a song and said, it is a big hot song. How will the audience know that you are hot? You are so hot that I can bake chapatis on your waist. Mallika says, how strange, have you ever heard this?

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Said – misconception about hotness

Mallika further says, I flatly refused. I said, no, we are not doing anything like that. But I found it very funny and original. This is an original idea. Mallika says that she does not understand who is considered hot in India. They find this strange too. She says, I think there is a lot of misconception about the hotness of women in India. I don’t understand Of course better now but when I started my career it was weird.



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