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Pranati Rai Prakash’s Instagram post- ‘Leave everything and run away somewhere…’, fans were upset

Bollywood actress Pranati Rai Prakash is very active on Instagram. Pranati often shares her photos and videos on social media, although in the meantime she has posted a post which has upset the fans.

Leave everything and run away somewhere….
Actually Pranati has shared a note on Instagram. In this note, Pranati wrote, ‘I don’t want to leave everything and run away. Sometimes less love also problem, sometimes more problem. Sometimes there is no peace, sometimes there is a problem in peace too. Knowing less is also a problem. Knowing too much is a problem. I wish it felt a little less.’

I wish the memory was shorter….
In the Insta note, Pranati further wrote, ‘I wish the memory was short, just for a moment ji would have forgotten everything and did not even feel like knowing. It is as easy as childhood to get immersed in painting like a childhood. Life gives a lot and sometimes gives extra, but it does not give what it wants. The difficulty level increases by itself somewhere.’

Good stuff doesn’t have to be…
At the end of the post, Pranati wrote, ‘It is not necessary to have good things to be happy, it is necessary to have things in your mind, but every time life is knocking, saying, ‘You are the boss you are thinking, aren’t you? Woh toh ho hi nahi wala’ and easily leaves us (me and the situation). I think too much and the situation becomes overwhelming. Just drown now or run away somewhere.’

Fans’ reaction
This Instagram post of Pranati has become viral on seeing it. Social media users are reacting fast to this post. Her fans are expressing concern on this post of Pranati. Many fans are commenting on his post asking if he is fine? Fans are upset with this post of Pranati.



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