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Neha Dhupia shot in second pregnancy amidst labor pains, told – there were contractions

Neha Dhupia gave birth to her second child a few days back. After daughter Mehr, she has become the mother of a son. Neha remained active during both her pregnancies. During the first pregnancy, she did not let people know that she was pregnant for several months. During an interview, she told that during her second pregnancy, she started labor pains in between work. Neha Dhupia is in the role of a pregnant police officer in the film Sunak.

Was shooting amidst pain

Neha told about her second pregnancy experience. According to the report of News18, Neha says, I did not tell anyone about this but I was having labor pains and contractions and I was working. I was in between contracts and shooting. He told that he had thought of completing the work by the delivery date but it could not happen.

did not decide to return to work

Neha Dhupia has not been able to decide about when she will return to work after delivery. However, she says that she respects every mother’s decision. If a woman wants to take a long maternity leave then it is also not wrong.

daughter is excited

What is the reaction of his daughter Mehr on seeing his younger brother? To this Neha replied, Meher is very excited. Throughout her pregnancy, Neha and her husband Angad kept preparing her for a brother or sister. Keeps telling Meher that soon he will have to share his room. Sometimes she doesn’t understand what is happening.

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