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NCB alleges Aryan may have connection with international smuggling, said- why drugs were ordered in huge quantities

Aryan Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s son’s bail will now be heard tomorrow i.e. on October 14. Tomorrow the ASG will present its arguments against the bail application before the court. Aryan’s lawyers have argued in the court today that his client is not a drug peddler, he has suffered a lot because of his mistake and now he should get bail. Not only this, it has also been said that he has got a lesson on his mistake. Describing Aryan as a ‘young kid’, the lawyers have appealed to the court that he should be granted bail at the earliest.

Such substances are not illegal in many countries.

During the hearing on bail in the court, where on one hand the NCB had said that so far there is material on record which shows that Aryan Khan was in contact with some people abroad who were involved in an international drug trade for illegal purchase of drugs. Seems to be part of the network. On the other hand, according to the ETimes report, Aryan’s lawyer Amita Desai had argued that ‘they are just some young children. Such substances are not illegal in many countries. Forgive them for not giving bail. Don’t make it worse for them. Similarly, he has suffered a lot. They have got a lesson. These people are not peddlers, rackets or traffickers.

show whiteapp chat

ASG Anil Singh said on behalf of NCB – 20 people have been arrested till date, including peddlers, as well as merchant and Khan used to have talks with drug peddlers. I have shown WhatsApp chats in which bulk quantity is mentioned. It is obvious that no one will get it for themselves in bulk. The NCB told the court that the Ministry of External Affairs has been approached to trace a foreign national who was in contact with the accused through WhatsApp chat.

NCB leveled false allegations

NCB has demanded to increase Aryan’s custody, while Aryan Khan’s lawyer Amit Desai said in the court that when Aryan Khan and Arbaaz reached the entry gate of Merchant Cruise, the investigation of NCB was already going on there and both When asked if he has drugs, the lawyer says that his client has neither cash nor drugs… NCB has leveled scary allegations against him.

hence the allegation

At the same time, ASG Anil Singh says that Aryan Khan knew that there are drugs and hence it will be considered as conscious possession. Arbaaz and Aryan knew each other for 8 to 10 years. The drugs that Arbaaz had were for both of them to consume. NCB is concerned about the whole chain, not one or two.

Good job by making arrests but…

Aryan Khan’s lawyer said- ‘If no cash has been found from Aryan, then obviously he had no plan to buy it. Aryan has nothing to do with the recovery of drugs, yet in the remand it is written ‘regarding’… the agency is doing a good job by arresting many people but it does not mean that they should be imprisoned for the right of freedom. The exemption has been given to keep.

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