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Mallika Sherawat’s disclosure on love life – boyfriend does not like the habit of going to bed

Mallika Sherawat recently revealed that she is in a relationship. She is also thinking of taking this relationship forward. However, he also told that his boyfriend does not like one of his habits, about which he always complains. Mallika told that she met her boyfriend during a holiday in France and the two have been dating for some time.

Mallika said – love is an important part of life

Mallika Sherawat spoke openly about her love life. During The Love Laugh Live show, she told that her boyfriend does not like her sleeping habit. She goes to bed early due to which he has started calling her ‘Nun’. Mallika was asked if she is still so busy that there is no time for a relationship? To this he replied, no no, there is love in my life. Yes, at the beginning of my career, I was working and very busy. Now I am very comfortable in my life. Love is an important part.

boyfriend has trouble sleeping early

Mallika said that she has a very glamorous image on screen and everyone thinks that she often parties and drinks but it is not so. She says, I do not like party culture. I am very spiritual. I like to sleep early. My boyfriend always complains, oh god are you a nun? You always fall asleep early. what is a problem? Mallika told about meeting her boyfriend, We were visiting Saint-Tropez with our friends. We were in the same hotel. Met there and the matter progressed.



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