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Malaika Arora gets emotional after sharing picture with son Arhaan Khan, says ‘flying high’


Fans are very fond of model and actress Malaika Arora on social media. 47-year-old Malaika beats today’s actresses even at this age. It is difficult to take my eyes off her pictures. Malaika has posted a picture on her Instagram, seeing which not only she herself but her fans also got emotional.

picture with arhaan

Malaika shared a picture with her son Arhaan Khan. Both are looking out from the balcony. During this, Malaika is wearing a bathrobe. He wrote in the caption- ‘As we embark on a new and unknown journey, we are filled with panic, fear, excitement, distance and new experiences. All I know is that I am proud of you my Arhaan. It’s time to spread your wings. Flying, flying high, living all my dreams, I miss you already.’

hard to say goodbye

Malaika shared a picture on her Insta story in which Arhaan is hugging his dog. He wrote in the caption- ‘It is most difficult to say goodbye.’

Arhaan going out

Arhaan is currently 18 years old. He is going out of Mumbai for further studies. However, Malaika has not told where she is going. Arhaan took a gap of one year after 12th.

went to lunch with family

Malaika Arora went out for lunch with Arbaaz Khan, son Arhaan Khan and other family members on the occasion of the weekend. The paparazzi had spotted him outside the famous restaurant of Mumbai.




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