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Kartik Aaryan did ‘Dhamaka’, trended #KartikPurnima, fans kept fast for the actor

The festival of Kartik Purnima is being celebrated across the country on Friday, but this festival has taken a whole new U-turn as the fans of Kartik Aaryan took the fandom to a whole new level and celebrated the day with the actor. Dedicated. Due to the love and fandom of the fans, #KartikPurnima is trending on social media.

#KartikPurnima trend
Actually Kartik Aaryan’s Dhamaka has been released. Karthik’s film ‘Dhamaka’ is also getting good reviews. Along with this #KartikPurnima is trending on social media where fans are expressing their love, sharing videos, performing rituals and even observing fast on the occasion.. And not only girls, but young boys also celebrate Kartik Purnima with great enthusiasm.

Fan kept fast
A fan boy of Kartik has observed a fast for the actor today while several other girls have prepared some sweet dishes for their favorite actor. Fans have expressed their love for their favorite actor on social media with a large number of videos and messages.

fans are showing love
A fan tweeted along with a video and wrote, “Hi Kartik Aaryan, I painted these bottles for you, which light up the world just like you… Karthik Purnima.” At the same time, another fan wrote, ‘We don’t need any special day to express love for Kartik Aaryan but today I wish I could share these sweet brownies with you on this special day.’

blast released on netflix
Significantly, Kartik Aaryan’s Dhamaka has been released on Netflix. Karthik Aryan was in discussion about the film for a long time. Mrunal Thakur is seen with Karthik in the film, whom fans are giving a lot of love. Karthik’s look in the film has also been discussed a lot.



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