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‘Kaali Peeli Tales’ touches on different aspects of life, know when and where it will premiere


The trailer of Amazon MiniTV anthology ‘Kaali Peeli Tales’ is being loved by the audience. At the same time, its exclusive premiere has also been announced on Monday. Directed by Adeeb Raees of Madamidas Films, ‘Kaali Peeli Tales’ consists of six short stories and starring iconic stars. The complexities of love, relationships and life in the city of Mumbai are well depicted through these stories.

when will release
In fact, six unique stories revolve around young, urban characters standing at the crossroads of change and acceptance, including Vinay Pathak, Gauhar Khan, Sayani Gupta, Maanvi Gagroo, Soni Razdan, Hussain Dalal, Sharib Hashmi, Priyanshi Painyuli, Tanmay Dhanania, Popular stars like Saadia Siddiqui and Adeeb Raees are going to be seen. The anthology ‘Kaali Peeli Tales’ is to be launched on August 20, 2021.

what are the titles of the stories
Each film in this anthology focuses on themes of romance, marriage, infidelity, homosexuality, forgiveness and divorce, keeping in mind the uncertainties of metropolitan life and the digital age in the current era, presenting relationships from a completely non-existent perspective. . Kaali Peeli Taxi is very popular in Mumbai and is a hallmark here and there, which is the link that binds all the stories of this anthology together. The titles of these stories are Single Jhumka, Love in Tadoba, Marriage 2.0, Fish Fry Aur Koffee, Hara Bhara and Loose Ends.

what the director has to say
Adeeb Raees, Director, Kaali Peeli Tales said, “All the six stories in this anthology present different shades of love and relationships. From new love to trying to revive married life, from infidelity to divorce, each of its stories will take the audience on a fun journey filled with different emotions. With stellar performances from renowned actors, the city of Mumbai adds an interesting dimension to each of these stories.




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