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Jhanvi Kapoor spells her name wrong because of Sridevi, friends make fun of her


The English spelling of Jhanvi Kapoor’s name is somewhat different. Many people think that maybe this is due to numerology but the reality is something else. Jhanvi spells her name wrong, due to which her mother was Sridevi. Jhanvi has disclosed what the whole matter was. Know this interesting story on the birthday of Legendary actress Sridevi.

jhanvi writes wrong spelling

The spelling of names of actors is not new in Bollywood. On the advice of most astrologers, some letters are increased or decreased. In the case of Jhanvi Kapoor, the reason is something else. Janhvi’s common spelling is Jahnvi but Boney Kapoor’s elder daughter writes her name as Janhavi. Recently Janhvi gave the reason for this on social media star.

Jhanvi told the story of the name

She says, when I was in school, I started learning spellings. I didn’t know the spelling of my name. Mom was taking a shower in the bathroom and I cried, Mama, what is the spelling of my name? He spelled my name wrong. They don’t know why they said JANHVI. I was eight years old and I never even questioned him about it.

Friends make fun of Jhanvi

We were going somewhere, probably London and I looked at my passport and thought my whole life was a lie. My friends still make fun of me. If I start giving my opinion on something, then I say, you should keep quiet because till the age of 12 you did not even know the spelling of your name.




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