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In the Hollywood film ‘Eternals’, the kissing scene again, married according to Hindu customs, created a ruckus on social media

Marvel Movies movies have fans all over the world. These films are eagerly awaited. Marvel’s film ‘Eternals’ was released in theaters on Friday. The film stars Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Kit Harington among others. The superhero-focused film has received mixed reviews from critics. The film’s collection was fine in the opening days but later it saw a decline. Now there seems to be a dispute over a scene in the film in which a couple marries according to Hindu customs.

User reaction on kissing scene

A romantic scene has been filmed between the two characters of the film, Ikaris and Sersi, which has been objected by social media users. The couple marries according to Hindu rituals and then kisses each other. Both are in Indian outfits. He is wearing a garland of flowers around his neck. Users say that it is against Indian culture because kissing is not done in Hindu weddings. Although many users say that the desi version is now running in Hollywood, this change is good.

One user wrote- ‘I have not seen kissing in life till date in any wedding.’ One user said that ‘if they really want to make everything look right, then they should know about the culture’.

One user said that ‘Eternals shows far from reality that Indian couples are kissing after marriage’.

One wrote- ‘It was nice to see this marriage according to Hindu customs.’

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