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In the #AskKartik session, the fan asked how Lamborghini is doing, Kartik Aaryan gave a funny answer

Social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram went down on Monday evening. Because of this, users were not able to use these platforms. People complained about this on Twitter, while funny memes were also seen. While all this was going on, actor Karthik Aryan told on Twitter that he does an Ask Me Anything session, where he answers the questions of his fans.

funny answer

A user asked him a question about his Lamborghini. Karthik had bought a brand new Lamborghini in April this year. Fan asked him- ‘#AskKartik how is Bhai Lambo?’ Responding in a funny way, Karthik wrote- ‘Average gives less.’

the post went viral

He had posted a video when Karthik had taken the car. He is posing with the car when a balloon explodes from behind, hearing the sound of which Karthik stumbles. He wrote in the caption accompanying the video- ‘Bought it… but I may not be made for expensive things.’ This post of Karthik had come into the limelight at that time.

Before Lamborghini, Karthik gifted a Mini Cooper to his mother in 2019. In 2017, Karthik had taken his own BMW.

movies on a regular basis

Talking about films, many of Karthik’s films are in the queue at this time. His list of films includes ‘Dhamaka’, ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’, ‘Freddie’, ‘Satyanarayana Ki Katha’ and ‘Captain India’.



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