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Honey Singh’s wife Shalini accuses father-in-law of touching her inappropriately, said – while changing clothes …


Well-known singer and rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is in tremendous discussions these days due to shocking allegations made by wife Shalini Talwar. He has made many serious allegations against Honey Singh including domestic violence and has also demanded a compensation of Rs 10 crore under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. At the same time, if media reports are to be believed, now another shocking statement has come out in this case. In which Shalini has accused her father-in-law of touching her inappropriately. She has claimed in her statement that something like this happened when she was changing clothes. Due to which she became very uncomfortable.

father-in-law accused

Shalini Talwar has earlier accused Honey Singh of not only committing domestic violence but also having casual sex with many women outside marriage. Shalini says that they were treated like animals. According to the reports of Zee News, Shalini has also made a shocking allegation against her father-in-law in her appeal. She says that when she was changing clothes, her father-in-law used to come to her room in an intoxicated state and put her hand on the chest inappropriately.

Shalini demanded

If media reports are to be believed, Shalini has appealed to the court that Honey Singh should arrange Rs 5 lakh every month for her rented flat in Delhi, so that she can depend on herself instead of her mother. Apart from this, Shalini has also demanded a ban on Honey Singh from selling the shared household to anyone or involving a third person in it.




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