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He is the real singer of Bachpan Ka Pyaar, this song sung 3 years ago made Sahdev Kumar a star overnight


Many people have been seen becoming stars day and night on social media. At the same time, the song ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ has been on the internet for the past several days, which was made famous by a small child Sahdev Kumar. Sahdev sang this song in such a way that the memes started being made on it and this little kid has become an internet sensation overnight. At the same time, after Sahdev, now the name of the real singer of ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ has come to the fore. Whose name is being told as Kamlesh Barot.

song came 3 years ago

In fact, after Sahdev Kumar became famous, when many people wanted to know if there really is such a song, then in such a situation a video went viral. Through which it came out that ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ was sung by a Gujarati singer Kamlesh Barot, he released his music video 3 years ago i.e. in 2018. Which got a new identity in 2021 due to Sahdev Kumar. Watch this original video here-

got great views

In this video, Kamlesh himself is seen with a woman, whom he is describing as his childhood love. Wearing a red T-shirt and a thick gold chain around his neck, Kamlesh is trying to impress the girl standing next to him by singing a song. At the same time, this video has got more than 60 lakh views so far.

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