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From director’s abuses to casting couch… Esha Gupta narrates shocking tales

Actress Esha Gupta remains in the headlines for her boldness. She is also known for her outspoken style. Recently, Isha has spoken openly on nepotism and casting couch. Isha told how she has faced the horrific incidents of casting couch twice. He says that only his people have to bear all this, who are not from the industry. Incidents like casting couch don’t happen with Bollywood star kids.

didn’t sleep alone

Esha Gupta was in the headlines for her bold photoshoot in the past. At the same time, recently, while talking on the casting couch in her interview to Bollywood Bubble, she said – ‘Yes there were two people … in which I was working in one of the films. I was also very smart because I didn’t sleep alone. I always used to ask my makeup artist to sleep in the room. But the problem is that they do this only with us, they do not do this with the kids of the industry because their parents will come and kill you’.

The producer wanted to remove from the film

Describing the second incident, Isha said- ‘The shooting of a film had started when a co-producer came to the makers and said that I do not want this actress in the film. The maker said that this is our heroine. The makers came and told me that this person has said this. Then I realized that some people don’t hire me because they know it’s not going to do anything.

The director abused

Isha has told about another incident in this interview. In which he had to listen to the abuses of a director. Isha told that there was some problem in her dress, ‘He said some abusive words to me in Hindi and when I went towards him, he told me that you are late. I explained to him that it was not my fault, there was some problem in the dress but he abused me again. Isha gave a befitting reply to this director and left from there. After this the director realized his mistake and apologized to Isha after 2 days.



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