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EXCLUSIVE: Vinay Pathak has a problem with ‘Bollywood’, the main reason given for being less active on social media


Bollywood actor Vinay Pathak has been entertaining the audience for a long time. Vinay Pathak has shown his power from TV to Bollywood and OTT. These days Vinay is in a lot of discussion about Amazon Mini TV’s anthology ‘Kali Peeli Tales’. In such a situation, Vinay had a special conversation with Hindustan and gave impeccable answers to many questions.

How did your cinematic debut happen? How was the initial journey?
To be honest, I have forgotten a lot, it has been almost 25 years. Although everyone tells me that your everything is on the Internet, then we realized that we have not done anything that people do not know. The rest of the initial journey was not difficult at all, the struggle is such that what happens seems difficult, and what passes seems easy. The rest of the struggle never ends.

Have you worked in different modes? What do you find most challenging as an actor?
I just have the excitement of telling the story. I feel that whatever the story has to be told, how can I tell it that the person sitting in front will like and understand it. I don’t want to change the story but make it interesting. I just want to tell the story by making it interesting, whatever the mode. Rest of the short films have a different thrill and I love it.

Do you have any dream character that you would like to play?
Actually we do not tell the story for the character, but use the characters to tell the story. So I don’t want to go backwards, rest yes, I would like to tell different types of stories.

Tell us something about ‘Kaali Peeli Tales’?
See it is a short film, so it will not be possible to tell too much. Rest I would say that our director has told all the stories very softly, which are the stories of relationships. My story is the story of a parent and daughter. At the same time, every story has a twist and a strong point.

You are very less active on social media, what is the reason?
Look, the era you are talking about, I probably don’t know. My excitement has always been to tell the story, and whatever needs to be reached will reach them. What can I say on social media every day, but I do not have that skill. It is not that what is happening on social media is wrong, but maybe I do not have that talent.

You have done many different characters, so which is your favorite character?
Look, whatever characters have been done, they have been liked, so they have done it. Every character has been done meticulously, if I did not like it, I would not have done them at all.

What are your upcoming projects?
‘Chalo Ko Baat Nahi’ on Sony Liv, followed by ‘Special Ops 2’, along with some other films are also in the queue.




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