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EXCLUSIVE: Maanvi Gagroo’s candid reply on the issue of body shaming, will be seen in these projects after ‘Kaali Peeli Tales’


Actress Maanvi Gagroo’s name is one of those actresses who have made a different identity due to playing different types of characters. These days, Manvi is in discussion about Amazon Mini TV’s anthology Kaali Peeli Tales. In such a situation, Manvi had a special conversation with Hindustan.

How did you get the first break?
I was studying in Delhi, and at that time Disney’s ‘Dhoom Machao Dhoom’ was to come. I had nothing to do with acting, but my teachers said that you go and audition, you will do it. I auditioned and got selected. After Delhi was shot in Mumbai, then Disney people talked to the family members. After that the journey started again.

To become an actress it is necessary to be size zero – you are working to break this stereotype, how difficult or easy was it for you?
I never thought that seeing me, someone would say that she doesn’t seem like a heroine. I was told – you are not thin enough to make you a heroine and not too fat to give such a character, you are in the middle. So I used to say that ordinary people are there for me – not all models are types. Fitness is very important for me, but it is not for being thin. Then came OTT and things changed a lot.

Has it ever happened that a project is missed because of the body?
To be honest, I have never spoken like this, but maybe if it was rejected because of this, but it was never spoken. Although I was told by many friends casting directors that either increase the weight or reduce it. The situation in the middle is strange.

Is it necessary for actresses to give bold scenes if they want to survive in the entertainment world?
I don’t think so, I think it’s important how much different you can give each time. If you do anything over and over again, the audience will get bored, so you need to reinvent.

How do you choose a character?
I want to enjoy the story. Story is the most important thing for me, if I enjoy reading the story then I am ready. After this, the other important thing is the character, for me it is not necessary that it should be positive or negative, but the character should be good.

Tell us something about ‘Kaali Peeli Tales’?
In ‘Kaali Peeli Tales’ the name of my story is ‘Marriage 2.0’ and the name of my character is Malini. This is the story of a couple, who got married about 1-2 years back. There is a good friendship between the two. Malini is afraid that if we get bored somewhere, then her point is that we have to keep talking.

If you could change something in cinema, what would you change?
I would like girls to get as much money as boys. I would like to change the shelf life of the item, or else it should not be gender based. After this, I would like that if anything happens in the film, good or bad, then everyone asks the actors, but our role in that is only till acting. So I would like everyone’s input to matter in the final product.

What are your upcoming projects?
Four More Shots Season 3, Tripling Season 3, there is one more film in addition, but talks are on, so can’t talk too much about that right now.




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