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EXCLUSIVE: Ashish Vidyarthi was mocked for being black, the actor won the battle like this

Actor Ashish Vidyarthi’s name is one of the few stars who have worked in films in Hindi as well as other languages. Ashish has worked in a total of 11 language films including Hindi. Ashish Vidyarthi will soon be seen in Sony LIV’s Tryst With Destiny. Before the release of this anthology, he had a special conversation with Hindustan.

What is the story of your inclination towards cinema and beginning?
There is a worm, which is called the worm of acting. He bit me when I was little. Wanted to be an actor from the beginning. I consider myself lucky that I was able to discover my acting skills too.

What is your character and story to be seen in Sony Liv’s ‘Tryst with Destiny’ anthology?
These are very special stories. The specialty of Prashant (director and writer of ‘Tryst with Destiny’) is that he writes stories related to life and brings twists in them. My story is the story of a society’s truth, which we do not want to believe. This story is of skin colour, I am playing the character of Galava. In this story you will see how far we can go when we try to fill a gap.

There is a dialogue in the film- ‘You have everything… just skin color is not there’, have you ever experienced or felt anything like this in real life?
I was born, grew up in Delhi. I was usually called by my color. I felt so bad, I found how many people I could shut my mouth, then I started making fun of it. I understood that you cannot shut people’s mouth, but you can win with that thing or that word. If you can laugh at it yourself, you can take away the bitterness of that word.

You have worked in films in Hindi as well as in other languages, do you think the way the story is told or the way it is presented changes with the language difference?
Of course, what is the specialty of cinema… that is your definition. Every cinema represents its country and state. Every movie is about that time. In such a situation, every language and every culture has its own way of telling a story.

Cinema has changed a lot in the last few years, what would you say about it?
Earlier when a film was made, when not a project, while some people used to associate with passion. I think that passion is back. Today cinema is no longer just a business. Today those people are making films, who are associated with cinema for their passion. Today it is not just selected subjects. There are many ways to tell a story today.

You are passionate about different things, you have already done many things… so is there anything left that you want to do more?
Some time ago I recognized that I am also an actor. Along with this, I also do motivational talks. I understand that many people tie themselves up and hold themselves back. I like to talk to people, I like to travel. I do motivational talks, talk to people to smile. I tell everyone that you can do many other things along with your profession. Explore yourself and don’t be afraid. I take the blessings of life as a student and I love learning.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, which word would you choose?

What are your upcoming projects?
After the lockdown, a lot of amazing time has come for cinema… where different characters are being found. Currently I have 6 projects which are ready for release. It includes Raktanchal, Khufia, Tejas, Good Bye, Tamil film etc.

Any character that is on your mind and that you passionately want to play onscreen?
I want to play a detective who is retired from the army or has been fired. After this, he goes to the village and solves the cold case.



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