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Comedian Vir Das clarified on ‘Women in India are worshiped in the morning and gang-raped at night’

Actor and comedian Vir Das is once again in negative news due to his statements. People are accusing him of insulting the country. Now seeing the matter progressing, the comedian has clarified through social media and called India a great country. Please tell that Das is currently in America.

Know what is the controversy

Recently he uploaded a video titled ‘I come from to India’ on his YouTube channel. The video was part of his recent presentation at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington DC. In the six-minute video, Das talked about the country’s alleged dual character and cited issues ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic, rape incidents and action against comedians to farmer protests. Although people liked his style of saying and now he is being opposed.

I come from one such India….

Actually, by sharing a short clip of this entire video of Vir Das on Twitter, people are telling him very well, in which he is seen saying that – I come from an India, where women are worshiped during the day. And they are raped in the night. I come from India where you are AQ1 9000 yet we lie on our roofs and count the stars at night. I come from India where we take pride in being vegetarian but give it to the same farmers.

case against comedian

Taking videos of Vir Das, social media users have been funding him a lot. People are trolling him with derogatory words and calling him ‘anti-national’. While sharing the video clip, BJP worker Preeti Gandhi has expressed her anger, while she has termed this video as disgusting and rubbish. Apart from Preeti Gandhi, Advocate Ashutosh J Dubey, filed a complaint against the comedian in the Bombay High Court, a copy of which he shared with his Twitter handle.

Actor-comedian clarified

Now seeing the anger of the people on this video on social media, now Vir Das has clarified and told that his intention was not to insult the country, but his intention has been to remind that the country is ‘great’ even after all its issues. Is. He said – people having two different views about the same subject are being talked about in the video and this is not some kind of secret which people do not know.



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