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Chetan Bhagat will be seen doing comedy in ‘One Mic Stand 2’, said- ‘Making jokes on yourself…’

The new season of ‘One Mic Stand’ is about to come and the fans of this show are quite excited. The trailer of ‘One Mic Stand Season 2’ released on Friday was well received by the audience. The trailer shows writer Chetan Bhagat trying his hand at stand-up comedy for the first time.

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Bollywood movies including 3 Idiots and Hello inspired by Chetan’s books have been successful on Amazon Prime Video. In such a situation, the fans are also excited to see Chetan doing something new. It is being told that Chetan was actually a complete amateur in stand-up comedy, who became like a pro comedian after the guidance of Abish Mathew.

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Regarding this, Chetan Bhagat says, “My books have inspired many Bollywood films, but after doing One Mic Stand 2, I realized the huge difference between writing and performing. I had no hesitation in going in, knowing that Abish Mathew is guiding me through the process, he has groomed amateurs like me into a pro comedian and for that I think he deserves an award. are eligible. Making jokes on yourself and making people laugh at you, I think is better than having them make fun of you. It has been an interesting journey from books to OTT for me, which has involved learning and laughing a lot.

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Let us tell you that ‘One Mic Stand’ is a fun and acclaimed Amazon Original Series. Featuring Chetan Bhagat along with iconic celebrities including Karan Johar, Sunny Leone, Raftaar and Faye D’Souza, the show will premiere on October 22. The show will be hosted by Sapan Verma and the participating celebrities will be mentored by comedians including Sumikhi Suresh, Samay Raina, Neeti Palta, Atul Khatri and Abish Mathew.



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