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Boyfriend Ali Goni was shocked after seeing this strange video of Jasmine Bhasin, said – what nonsense is this

There are millions of fans of TV actress Jasmin Bhasin. Recently Jasmin Bhasin has shared a very strange video of her on her Instagram. In this video, both Jasmine’s body and legs are seen separately. Say that her body is divided into two parts but she is again seen having fun and dancing. Seeing this video of the actress, her boyfriend Ali Goni is as surprised as the social media users. People are unable to understand what Jasmine is trying to say and show through this video. However, this video of him has gone viral on social media.

Jasmin Bhasin was seen divided into two parts in the video

In the video you can see that Jasmin Bhasin is seen sitting on a sofa. However, there is a huge gap between his legs and his body. In the video, she is seen reading a book. A song is playing in the background of the video, on which she is dancing while sitting. In the meantime, after a while she gets up from the sofa and leaves, but her leg remains where it was before. Sharing this video, Jasmine writes in the caption – This also happens.

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Love Boy Ali Goni Confused

Seeing this video of Jasmin Bhasin, her love boy Ali Goni is confused. Reacting to Jasmine’s post, Ali Goni writes – What the hell are you doing? I guess I’ll have to come back. Ali Goni’s Avalas Himanshi Khurana and Manu Punjabi have reacted with a laugh. At the same time, users are also giving a reaction by getting confused and writing – how did you get separated, how did it happen. A user has written – If it is separated now, then I will keep a part of you.

Jasmine-Ali seen together in Bigg Boss 14

Talking about Jasmine, she has worked in many superhit shows. Jasmin Bhasin was last seen in the reality show Bigg Boss 14. Jasmin Bhasin could not become the winner of the show. Despite playing well in the show, Jasmine was eliminated. The show also featured Ali Goni. However, there were reports of Jasmine and Ali dating each other for a long time after their exit from the show. At first they appeared to be friends on the show but later both of them confirmed their relationship.



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