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Blast happened on Bigg Boss OTT… the family members got a chance to break the pair, know what happened


In Bigg Boss OTT, new fights are seen every day. At the same time, in today’s episode also, Bigg Boss has given a big challenge to the family members. The family members were given a chance to change their connections at home. In this task, a banging twist was seen in BB House. Neha Bhasin, Milind Gaba, Prateek Sahajpal and Akshara Singh got into a fierce fight. Such connections were broken, knowing about which you will also be shocked.

such was the task

Actually, in Bigg Boss, all the contestants had entered the house with a connection. At the same time, in today’s episode, the boys were given a chance to change their connection… According to the task, the girls had to give their hearts to the boys with whom they want to make a connection, after that if the boys accept then they will keep the heart. And if you want to be rejected, you have to break your heart and throw it in the dustbin.

who broke whose heart

Shamita Shetty gave heart to Rakesh Bapat and he accepted. Moose gave heart to Nishant and the pair remained intact. But after this, when Neha’s turn came, she turned down Milind Gaba’s connection and Prateek broke Akshara’s heart and came from the front and offered Neha to make a connection with him. After this there was a banging twist… Neha made the connection to Prateek and Akshara made the connection to Milind.




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