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Bigg Boss OTT: Rakesh Bapat got hurt over Prateek’s abusive words, said while crying – I am the son of a soldier…


Bigg Boss remains in the discussion on OTT day due to fights and fights. Every day there is a debate among the people on the show, but today something happened, about which you will also be surprised. Many people burst into tears in today’s episode on the show. Everyone on the show fought badly and in the meantime said so many heartfelt things to each other that many people could not stand it and they broke down in front of the camera. The highlight of today’s episode was the fight between Rakesh Bapat and Prateek Sahajpal.

debate on

Actually, the task of nomination was given in Bigg Boss today. Shilpa, Rakesh, Mooj and Nishant together had to decide whose connection is weakest among Prateek-Akshara, Neha-Milind and Divya-Zeeshan. There was such a fierce debate on this task that many contestants clashed with each other. In the midst of the quarrel, Prateek Sahajpal called Rakesh Bapat ‘spineless’. Hearing this, Rakesh became very hurt and went to the bedroom and cried. He said that ‘I am the son of a soldier, how much did he do for the country and what am I doing here’.

Hurt Rakesh

The family members together pacified Rakesh. At the same time, Prateek also wept after getting upset over Riddhima and Karan’s talk. Apart from this, Nishant also burst into tears after seeing the breakdown of Rakesh and Prateek. Later Prateek apologized to Rakesh for his abusive words and he also forgave but it was clear that Rakesh was hurt very badly.

Task canceled

Let us tell you that in the nomination task, an opinion of any party was not being formed. Due to which there was a bad fight and in the end this task was canceled. The result was that everyone from the boss man and boss lady to the rest of the members of the house were nominated for this week.




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