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BIGG BOSS OTT: Pavitra Punia’s ex-boyfriend Prateek Sahajpal said – she was a psychotic, I will tell Ejaz bhai…


Bigg Boss OTT has started with a lot of fanfare. With the entry of the contestants of the show into Bigg Boss house, the gossips related to them have started coming out. Last season’s contestant Pavitra Punia’s ex-boyfriend Prateek Sahajpal is a part of the show this time. They talked about their relationship and told that Pavitra was psychotic and so was she.

love was now moved on

Prateek Sahajpal is a contestant in Bigg Boss OTT. He spoke to Hindustan Times about his relationship with Pavitra. There will be talk about Pavitra at home, is he ready to deal with it, to which he replied, there is nothing like hiding. We were in love with each other, we have moved on after the breakup. We both are happy in our life.

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hard work to get here

Prateek said, “Both of us have worked very hard to reach where we are today in life. We are both happy and we have the right to be happy. Prateek also said that if there is talk about Pavitra, he will not mind. He said, fellow contestants can only talk, they cannot shoot me. Even if I kill, I am bulletproof.

It will be fun if Pavitra comes on the show

If Pavitra is brought in as a surprise element in the wild card entry, then the symbol on it says, What else will be seen. I didn’t do anything wrong to him, he didn’t do anything wrong to me either. Said, I don’t know why I am laughing but I am imagining that if she is there then it will be fun.

I will take Pavitra by the hand and take her to the pavilion

Prateek explains, we both just said the truth about each other. He is aggressive, I am too. He is possessive, I am too. He is a psychotic, so am I. We loved each other but we could not bear it anymore so we moved on. I will now take his hand and take him to the mandap and hand it over to Ejaz Bhai (Ajaz Khan), take brother, get married, you have property, you keep us, nothing.




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