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Bigg Boss OTT Day 8: Divya Aggarwal said- ‘Karan Johar or Salman Khan can’t explain me by coming’


One week’s journey of Bigg Boss OTT has been completed. So now the second week has started. In the first week’s ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’, where Karan Johar organized a class of contestants, on the other hand he showed the mirror to everyone. In the first week, Urfi Javed got out of the show and Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill arrived on the show. In such a situation, we tell you what happened in the house on the 8th day.

The 8th day episode started only after the elimination shown on the previous day, when Karan Johar attended Divya Agarwal’s class. After Karan left, Divya was seen crying and Zeeshan was seen handling her. At the same time, Shahnaz and Siddharth’s entry took place after some time in Bigg Boss house, where both got the members of the house to do two tasks.

blocks task
After reaching home, Sidnaz first talked to the family members and after that got a task done. Sidnaaz showed that a setup is ready, where a setup of five blocks is ready for all the householders and each contestant has to reduce the block of one and add it to another. At the same time, Sidnaz said that for this you have to think about whose fan following has increased after coming on the show.

How was the Blocks task?
Prateek: Prateek removes a block from Shamita and adds it to Moose’s blocks.
Shamita: Shamita removed a block from Divya Agarwal and added it to Nishant’s.
Rakesh: Rakesh removed Prateek’s block and added it to Shamita’s.
Nishant: Nishant removed Rakesh’s block and added it to Moose’s blocks.
Karan Nath: Karan lowers Prateek’s block and adds to Riddhima’s.
Riddhima: Riddhima lowers a block of Prateek and adds it to Nishant’s list.
Divya: Divya lowers Shamita’s block and adds to Riddhima’s account. While keeping her point, Divya said angrily at Shamita’s interruption, ‘ Karan Johar or Salman Khan cannot come and explain to me.’
Milind: Milind removed Moose’s block and extended Neha Bhasin’s one block.
Zeeshan: Zeeshan lowers Moose’s block and increases Milind Gaba’s one block.
Moose: Moose lowers Gaba’s block and adds it to Nishant’s list.
Akshara: Akshara lowers a block of Divya and adds to Prateek’s account. While listening to Akshara, Divya said, ‘I want to nominate Karan Johar.’

‘Black Heart’ Task
Since Neha Bhasin and Divya Agarwal had the least number of blocks in the Blocks task, Sidnaz got a Kaala Dil task done. In this task, an empty vessel was placed in front of Neha and Divya, on which the heart was made. After this, black water was given to the contestants, which they had to pour into the vessel of one’s heart, giving a reason. In this task, the vessel containing Divya’s heart was filled with more black water. After this task, Siddharth said that according to the task and the contestants of the house, Divya’s heart is more dark.

Milind Gaba cried
The episode ends with Divya and Riddhima talking about Shamita and Neha. Apart from this, Milind Gaba was also seen crying in the end, then Akshara handled him and Zeeshan sat talking with Neha Bhasin. After this Neha also apologized to Milind.




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