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Bigg Boss OTT Day 22: Sunny Leone did a fun task, Rakesh-Shamita coming closer to each other, said this big thing


It has been three weeks since Bigg Boss OTT started. No contestants were eliminated in the last ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ and all the contestants in the house were safe. In such a situation, let us tell you what happened in the 23rd episode of Bigg Boss OTT.

Shamita- Rakesh’s Trust
In ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’, Milind- Akshara got 7/10 marks from Karan in a task. Remembering this, both of them taunted Shamita-Rakesh. At the same time, for some time, Shamita was seen asking Rakesh who he trusts the least in the house, to which Rakesh replied – Nishant, Divya and Prateek. At the same time, on the question of trusting the most, Rakesh took the name of Shamita.

Sunny Leone entry
Sunny Leone entered the show and she first got the contestants to do a coconut task. Prateek and Neha won this task. At the same time, after this task, Sunny Leone gave the friend request board task. In this task, the contestants had to write two names, one name for Accept and one name for Block. Divya accepts Muskaan, Shamita blocks, Prateek blocks Nishant, Divya blocks, Akshara accepts Divya, Rakesh blocks, Rakesh accepts Gaba, Akshara blocks Moose, Prateek accepts Neha’s block, Shamita accepts Moose Divya blocks, Nishant blocks Prateek, Neha blocks, Gaba blocks Neha, Shamita blocks and Neha blocks Shamita accept Akshara.

Sunny’s Sinsvilla Task
Sunny Leone gave the Sinsvilla task after the friend request board. In this task, the family members had to pour a pot on one of Akshara and Neha Bhasin, who had different things. In this task, Rakesh played Akshara, Divya Neha, Gaba Neha, Moose Neha, Prateek played Akshara, Nishant Neha and Shamita poured matki on Akshara.

Rakesh and Shamita are coming closer
Let us tell you that for some time the closeness between Rakesh and Shamita seems to be increasing. Not directly, but seeing both of them in the show, it seems that both have started liking each other. In today’s episode, Shamita while talking to Nishant about Rakesh said- Even if I think about him, I would like to know him outside the show as well. I want to start the next phase. I am very clear in my mind, I am clear what I do not want.




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