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Bigg Boss 15 Updates: Salman Khan took Afsana’s class, said- ‘The industry cannot last 25 days like this’

In ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan was seen raging on the contestants. He invited all the contestants to the main house and talked about their performance of last week. Salman says that he is being too aggressive which is not needed. For no reason they are using physical force. Ishaan Sehgal and Maisha Iyer’s intimate scene was discussed throughout this week, while Salman also questioned their relationship.

Ishaan-Misha’s criticism

While cautioning Ishaan and Maisha, Salman asks them ‘Yeh dikh kaisa raha hai?’ Maisha has to be criticized for not following the rules of the house. Salman reprimands her for smoking in the bathroom, while there is a separate smoking zone in the house.

Afsana’s class

One of the most talked about contestants this week is Afsana Khan. He commented on Shamita Shetty’s age and compared her hands to that of a polio patient. Salman asks Afsana if she is doing the right things. Afsana says she is not like that in real life. Salman interrupts them and says, ‘Yeh toh we have seen that you are not at all what you have signed, in the last two weeks.’

Difficult to survive in the industry

Salman further tells them that ‘if your attitude remains like this, then you cannot last 25 days in the industry.’ Salman talks to Jai Bhanushali, Shamita Shetty, Vishal Kotian and others on their set patterns. He says that someone who is once very close to him becomes his enemy one day.

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