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Bigg Boss 15 Updates: No elimination this week, Farah Khan tells Karan Kundrra the winner

Guests continued to pour in on Sunday’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Weekend Ka Vaar. During this, there was a lot of fun inside the house. Farah Khan, Bappi Lahiri and Bhuvan Bam reached the stage with Salman Khan. At the beginning of the show, Ishaan Iyer and Umar Riaz clashed in the arena. In the first round, both had to argue which Umar won. Ishaan prevailed in the physical fight round. Thus it became a 1-1 draw.

Salman Khan welcomes music composer Bappi Lahiri. The contestants of Bigg Boss celebrated 50 years of his musical career.

Farah Khan reached inside the house

Farah Khan comes shortly after Bappi Lahiri’s departure. Salman asks her what would she do with the family members if she was Bigg Boss? She says that she would take the family members to the forest. After this she enters the house to meet the contestant and tells that she will take a contestant out. At first, Farah asks everyone to rank themselves and stand in front of that number. Many contestants stand on the number 1 position, then Farah gives her decision.

who got what number

He is No. 1, Tejashwi Prakash No. 2, Vishal Kotian No. 3, Shamita Shetty No. 4, Prateek Sahajpal No. 5, Jai Bhanushali No. 6, Nishant Bhatt No. 7, Maisha Iyer No. 8, Ishaan Sehgal No. Receives 9, Afsana Khan 10, Umar Riaz at number 11, Simba at number 12, Akasa Singh at number 13, Donal Bisht at number 14 and Vidhi Pandya at number 15.

no elimination

6 contestants were nominated this week. These included the names of Afsana, Vidhi, Vishal, Ishaan, Akasa and Donal. Farah first takes Ishaan’s name. On hearing this, Misha starts crying and hugs Ishaan. Then Farah says that ‘Well, you do not want Ishaan to go out with me, then you yourself go instead of him.’ Then Farah takes the name of the method. In the end, Farah told that there will be no elimination this week. It was nothing less than a gift for the contestants on the occasion of Dussehra.



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