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Bigg Boss 15: Rakesh Bapat left the show and did a long post, did Shamita Shetty reply?

Rakesh Bapat has left from Bigg Boss 15 due to health issues. Shamita Shetty is annoyed at her being told without saying so. Rakesh has now posted on social media and explained why he left without informing. Shamita looked upset when Salman Khan told on Weekend Ka Vaar that Rakesh would not return to the show. He also told fellow contestant Neha Bhasin that as soon as difficulties arise, Rakesh runs away.

Didn’t think it hurts enough

Rakesh Bapat has posted on social media, I call you all family because this connection is made from the true heart. I am lucky to have all of you in my life and are sending prayers and positivity for me. Sometimes troubles come suddenly at important moments in life, the same happened in my case. Your love brought me back in Bigg Boss but due to health I was able to stay for a short time. 5 year old health problem is back which I didn’t even think about and it is very painful. I am getting better and recovering and as you all said health comes first.

promise to entertain soon

Rakesh also thanked Shamita and the audience for showering her love. He also wrote, remember, if it was not for health, I would have been entertaining you all inside the house. I didn’t want to leave without doing a proper good bye, but I didn’t know that the pain would be so much that I would have to go. Still, all I can say is that it was only a small part of the journey. Our connection is for life. I am eagerly waiting to get well soon and entertain you all.

Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty suddenly out of the show? Fans were shocked to know the reason

Shamita Shetty was angry

Let us tell you that when Shamita came to know on Weekend Ka Vaar that Rakesh had left the show, she looked upset as well as angry. He told Neha Bhasin, he should not have come. He runs away as soon as the difficulty comes. At least face it. He knew he was leaving, yet didn’t tell me.



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