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Bigg Boss 15: Fighting with Shamita and lifting a knife in the live show was a big deal, the makers pulled out of the show?

A shocking report has come out regarding the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 15’. According to the news, contestant Afsana Khan, who tried to harm herself with a knife, has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss 15 house. However, no official announcement has come about this yet. However, in another report it has been said that due to some medical reasons, Afsana was made homeless.

Uproar after losing VIP access task

In the last episode, both Shamita Shetty and Afsana Khan were scolded fiercely for breaking the Bigg Boss rules. Shamita Shetty is scolded for speaking English and Afsana Khan for sleeping during the task and as a punishment cuts the ration. However, when the family members questioned both, Afsana did a lot of drama. Then later when Afsana is targeted during the VIP access task, she creates a lot of ruckus. It is extreme when she tries to hurt herself after losing the task.

tried to hurt himself with a knife

According to the report of ‘The Khabri’, not only this, during the task, there is a lot of fight between Afsana Shamita Shetty and during this time she gets so angry that she comes to the fight. After this, she goes to the kitchen area and tries to hurt herself with a knife. So Bigg Boss was compelled to show him the way out of the house.

Panic attack is also in discussion

It has been told in the “E-Times” report that the makers have taken the decision to throw Afsana Khan out of the house due to some medical reasons in the show. In the report, Afsana is said to be out of the house as a panic attack. The report said that Afsana had a panic attack last night. However, what is the truth in these reports, it will be known only from the coming episodes.

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