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Atif Aslam replied to Shahrukh Khan’s allegations, told- why didn’t the song of his film go


Pakistani singer Atif Aslam has given voice to many famous songs of Bollywood films. Many of his songs have also been liked by the people. At the same time, during a recent interview, he has told how Shahrukh Khan had a big misunderstanding about him, when the King of Bollywood gave a statement that Atif does not have time to sing in his films. . Atif has told the fault of Shahrukh’s team in the whole matter. Along with this, he has given a special message to Shahrukh.

Atif was approached

This whole matter is related to the song ‘Gerua’ from Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Dilwale’. Which is originally sung by Arijit Singh in association with Antara Mitra. But earlier Atif Aslam was approached for this song. Recently, in an interview given to BBC, when Atif was asked whether he really did not have time to sing for Shahrukh? On this the Pakistani singer said- ‘It is not like that at all. Firstly, I have met him only once and he is such an amazing person. But he didn’t say anything like that to me personally. I was approached by his team and we recorded the song and sent it to him.

something is wrong

Atif says that ‘I don’t know what happened, his team didn’t take us forward, I still have that recorded song with me. Something happened that my song was not delivered to them. Next thing I saw Shahrukh Khan saying that Atif Aslam doesn’t have time for my songs. Maybe he is busy singing songs for Chinese films.

This message was given to Shahrukh

Atif said- ‘If Shahrukh is watching this video, then I want to tell him that I was not busy at all. I can never be too busy for you and I am ready to sing for you any day. He should check with his team because we did that song’.




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