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Arshi Khan’s engagement with Afghan cricketer is going to happen in October, now the fear of this is haunting


Arshi Khan of ‘Bigg Boss’ fame is the same in real life as she was seen in the show. Arshi never backs down from expressing her opinion, although due to this many times she has also been embroiled in controversies. There is talk of Taliban occupation of Afghanistan at this time all over the world. Arshi recently revealed that she is going to be engaged to an Afghan cricketer but now considering the situation, she is thinking of ending the relationship.

Said this thing about the engagement

Arshi Khan’s engagement is going to happen in October. However, he did not reveal who the Afghan cricketer is. Arshi says that her father has preferred the boy for her. Quoting him, Zee News wrote- ‘I was to be engaged in October with the cricketer of Afghanistan. My father has liked him but this relationship may have to be broken due to Taliban occupation of Afghanistan.

looking for another boy

Arshi also revealed that she was in conversation with the cricketer. He is the son of his father’s friend. They were chatting and now they are good friends. Arshi said that ‘I am happy but now I feel that there is a need to find some Indian boy.’

family from afghanistan

Earlier, Arshi told that her roots are from Afghanistan. He said that ‘I am an Afghan Pathan and my family belongs to Yusuf Zaheer Pathan ethnic group. My grandfather had come from Afghanistan and was a jailer in Bhopal. I have my roots from Afghanistan but I am an Indian. She was only four years old when Arshi Khan and her family came to India from Afghanistan.

Popular with ‘Bigg Boss’

Let us inform that Arshi participated for the first time in ‘Bigg Boss 11’. After this she also appeared in season 14. His Urdu language was well-liked in the show.

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