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Arjun Kapoor told, how relationship with father Boney improved, Jhanvi and Khushi had a big hand


Arjun Kapoor talks about his relationship with his father Boney Kapoor. He feels that if his relationship with Jhanvi and Khushi had not improved, he might not have had this kind of bonding with his father too. Arjun Kapoor says that if he had not had such a bond with Janhvi and Khushi, he would have had many things stuck in his mind.

Credit for improving relationship given to Jhanvi-Khushi

Boney Kapoor was married to Mona Shourie. Married Boney’s heart fell on Sridevi and both of them got married. During a recent interview, Arjun gave credit for improving his relationship with his father to his half-sisters Jhanvi and Khushi. He also said that it was only because of the two sisters that Arjun was able to see Boney from a different perspective.

‘I love my father more’

In an interview to Harper’s Bazaar India, Arjun Kapoor said, I have not been with my father as much as I wanted. I was told that I am like him, but I don’t think so. After meeting Jhanvi and Khushi and breaking the barrier, I am now able to have a more true relationship with them. We all faced many of our fears. Arjun said, I love my father more now because of which they are both. If I had not had such an equation with Jhanvi and Khushi, then many things would have been in my mind.

Now understand Bonnie’s situation

Arjun had earlier said that he understands why Boney must have fallen in love with Sridevi. He had said that he cannot say that what happened to his family at that time was right. During a conversation with Film Companion, Arjun had said, you used to love someone and even then you can still love someone. It should be understood. I can’t say that what my father did was right because as a child I had to face the consequences but now when I look at him as a grown man, I understand.

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