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Anupamaa: Vanraj has confessed… does he still love Anupama? Listening to poetry

TV’s famous serial ‘Anupama’ has remained at the top of the TRP list for the last several weeks. New twists and turns are seen on this show every day. For a long time, the show’s lead character Anupama was seeing troubles one after the other, but now a big change is going to be seen in her life. Anupama and Anuj Kapadia’s closeness is increasing on the show. At the same time, now such an update is coming out about Vanraj, knowing about which your senses will be blown away.

Vanraj confessed

Anupama has recently gone to Mumbai with Anuj for a business meeting. During this, the chemistry of both seems to be getting stronger. At the same time, there is going to be an earthquake in the Shah family, in the upcoming episodes of the show, it will be seen that Vanraj will confess in front of Kavya that he still has feelings for Anupama. He will tell Kavya that he does not want to taunt Anupama, does not want to feel jealous of Anuj but still he is feeling all this.

Boukhalai Kavya

Vanraj will apologize to Kavya and say that he still has feelings for Anupama. Hearing all this, Kavya’s senses will fly away. She will say furiously that she can bear these feelings but if they become something else then she will not be able to bear it. Apparently after this the distance between Vanraj and Kavya will be seen increasing.



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