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Anupamaa: Kavya gave a big blow to Vanraj, a bang twist… Shah family was left staring at him

These days a series of tremendous twists and turns is going on in the famous TV show ‘Anupama’. Ever since Anupama left the house, the Shah family has been in trouble. Recently, giving a big blow to Vanraj, Kavya has done such a thing, about which the ground under the feet of the Shah family slipped as soon as it was revealed. During this, Anupama was also seen present among the family. This explosive twist will apparently force Vanraj to take revenge on Kavya.

Kavya gave a blow

In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, it will be seen that the high voltage drama between Vanraj and Kavya will reach a shocking turn in front of the Shah family. In the promo that surfaced, when Vanraj, holding Kavya’s hand, will say ‘My Bapuji will come to this house with all due respect and we both will leave this house’. On hearing this, Kavya will refuse to leave by shaking Vanraj’s hand and will bring the properties papers and put them in front of Vanraj, seeing that Vanraj will not be able to believe his eyes. Kavya has got the house of the Shah family in her name.

quarrel between the two

Kavya told that she did all this with the help of Rakhi Dave. Vanraj will be so angry at Kavya’s behavior that he will decide to take revenge on her. When Kavya will say that marrying Vanraj is the biggest mistake of his life, Vanraj also says that bringing Kavya into the Shah family is his biggest mistake. At the same time, in the upcoming episode, Bapuji will be seen telling Anupama that he respects her a lot and will also ask Anupama to accept Anuj’s love.



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