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Anupama: Son will call Anupama ‘characterless’, Babuji and Vanraj shocked by Anuj’s revelations

So far in Rupali Ganguly starrer Famous TV show ‘Anupama’, we have seen how much Anupama’s life has changed now. She has left the Shah family and her mother-brother’s house and settled in her new home. However, he is not able to rest in his new home. However, the upcoming episode is going to see a lot of twists and turns as while Anuj will confess his love in front of Baa-Babuji, Vanraj-Kavya and the kids, Anupama’s elder son Paritosh will call his mother characterless.

Anuj’s expression in front of Vanraj, Baa and Babuji

Two precap videos of ‘Anupama’ are going viral on Instagram, indicating that the upcoming episode is going to be tremendous. It can be seen in the video that seeing Vanraj, Kavya and Baa in Anupama’s house, Anuj says – I don’t want any problem in Anupama’s life anymore, my friend, in this Vanraj holds Anuj’s collar and says, ‘Friend- Friend friend, if you have the power, then tell clearly that you do not love him. On this Anuj shouts at Vanraj and says that yes- I loved him even 26 years ago and still do today. Anupama standing behind hears these words of Anuj and she is shocked.

Son called Anupama characterless

In the second video, we can see that Anupama’s son Paritosh accuses his mother of saying that leaving Nani’s house to have fun with you, Mummy proved that my mother is so poor, so fallen and so characterless. Hearing Paritosh’s words, Anupama slaps him hard that he falls down.

Seeing this precap video going viral on Instagram, the viewers are now restless that what will Anupama do after waiting for Anuj and after the son’s dirty allegations and now what is the new twist in her life.

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