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Anupama: Seeing the photos of Rupali Ganguly’s vacation, the fan pulled her leg, asked ‘Slippers worth Rs 300 and a half?’

Rupali Ganguly, the main heroine of the TV serial Anupama, has packed her bags as soon as the weekend arrives. Sharing her new pictures on social media, the actress has informed that she is going to roam only and only this weekend. In these pictures, Rupali Ganguly is seen in a very cool style. Rupali is looking amazing in blue jeans and over size shirt. In this look, her high ponytail hairstyle is looking even better, but a fan’s eyes have fallen on her slippers. This fan has pulled the legs of the actress in this style, she herself will also laugh.

Rupali wore sandal worth Rs.300?

Commenting on the pictures of Rupali Ganguly, this fan wrote, ‘Is this the same sandal of three and a half hundred rupees of Anupama?’ Actually, Rupali’s character in Anupama in the serial always takes out her slippers worth three and a half hundred rupees in some big function. When she met Anuj Kapadia for the first time, she was still wearing the same sandal. In this reunion party, a star of this slipper of Anupama was broken, after which she came home and cried a lot.

The actress took leave from the show

Rupali Ganguly gives a lot of time to the family even in the midst of her busy schedule. As soon as the weekend comes, the actress has also taken leave to go on a trip with the family. Not only in reel but also in real life, Rupali Ganguly takes full care of everyone’s happiness and her style is very pleasing to the people.

New twist in Anupama

Talking about Anupama’s current track, these days there is an earthquake in Anuj and Anupama’s life. Ever since Anuj has mentioned in front of the Shah family that he wants Anupama, then the whole story has turned. In the coming days, Babu ji will be seen making many efforts to get both of them married.

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